Copraxis Coaching is a Maus Certified Business Partner

Maus Certified Business PartnerAs a MAUS Accredited Partner, Copraxis Coaching is able to offer their clients a comprehensive range of services.

How will a MAUS Accredited Partner improve my business?

MAUS Accredited Partners avoid a “one size fits all” approach to improving your business. Whether you are looking for guidance and coaching to get the job done or are seeking the knowledge, tools and support to do it yourself, a MAUS Accredited Partner can customise the right solution to suit your needs.

The following are among the many services a MAUS Accredited Partner can offer, either individually or within the framework of a “Keys To Growth” program, encompassing all facets of your business.

Business Planning Services

MAUS Accredited Partners can assist with the structure and writing of your business plan, including competitive strategy, marketing plan and full financials. A MAUS Accredited Partner can then help establish a detailed Action Plan for your organisation. At a set time each month, a MAUS Accredited Partner can remind, amend and record where you are with regard to your business goals.

Prepare Your Business For Sale

A large majority of business owners are relying on their business as a sole source of retirement income. A MAUS Accredited Partner can help you prepare your business so that you get the best possible sale price.

KPI Monitoring Services

Working closely with key members or your organisation, a MAUS Accredited Partner can establish the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) unique to your business, enabling the relevant and most important areas of your business to be accurately monitored on a monthly basis. A MAUS Accredited Partner can then gather data each month and create consistent monthly scorecards for you, analysing the performance of your business on numerous levels and making sure that strategies are effectively implemented.

Performance Management Services

Through consultation with you and your management team, A MAUS Accredited Partner can assist you to put proper performance management systems in place, allowing you to maximise the productivity of your staff through motivation and encouragement.

Improving Business Processes

A MAUS Accredited Partner can assist you to improve the Business Processes in your organisation so you are working ON your business, not IN your business.

Benchmarking Services

Would you like to see how your business’ performance compares in your industry? A MAUS Accredited Partner can provide Benchmarking Services, allowing you to determine your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of the business in need of improvement.