Why Coaching?

All the best athletes have one thing in common – they have a coach to push them to achieve their best performance. Just as coaching is an essential part of achieving a great sporting career, so has it become essential for running a successful business.

A business coach or mentor brings a fresh and unbiased perspective to improving the way you run and manage your company. They will guide, motivate, reassure and push both you and your employees, helping your business to perform at the optimum level.

Who needs coaching?

Are you a slave to your business?

Many business owners and managers find their Original ideas and motivations for going into Business have vanished and they have just created another job for themselves.

Sound familiar? A Copraxis Coach can help you to work ON your business, so that rather than a job, it becomes your working investment!

Do you have a plan to sell your Business?

Your business is an investment. You will make more money out of selling your business than you will out of annual profits. A Copraxis Coach will work with you to develop “step by Step” action plans to help you to build the business and maximize the eventual sale price that you will receive. These simple steps over time can make a significant improvement in the value of a business.

Identified the problem but not sure where to go next?

Many businesses find it easy to identify the problem but solving it is another matter. A discussion with an experienced Coach may be all that is required to unearth the underlying issues and get your business growing.

Want to give your business a boost?

If you are just looking to improve your business, a Copraxis Coach could help you to:

  • Increase the value of your business
  • Prepare your business for sale
  • Identify strategic direction
  • Increase your sales/profitability
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Target new business opportunities
  • Achieve your goals
  • Give you more time to do the things you enjoy doing